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Jeremy Alcorn

Use of GDA2020 logo

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We are map publishers and understand from previous consultation with the GDA2020 team in Victoria that our maps (currently published on GDA94) can be stated to be GDA2020 "Compatible".  We are currently updating some of our map products and would like to confirm whether it is OK to use the GDA2020 logo on the products.  It it is OK to use the logo then there are two questions;

  1. Where can I get a copy of the logo?
  2. If we use the logo is it ok to use by itself or do we need to add the word "Compatible" or is there a "GDA2020 Compatible" logo?

Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks Jeremy,

ICSM is currently working on a GDA2020 logo policy that will define the rules around its use. However, in the interim, it would be acceptable to use the logo where the product was derived directly with reference to GDA2020, or where the product’s spatial uncertainty is greater than the spatial change resulting from a GDA94 to GDA2020 transformation. In these instances, the word "compatible” is implied by the logo and is therefore not required. This is subject to any future conditions that may require you to make appropriate changes defined by the GDA2020 logo policy.

Please email icsm@ga.gov.au to obtain a copy of the logos.

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Clearer explanation
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